Redstone Accounting Service, Inc. now gives you the option of dropping off your tax return information so you can spend your time doing other things besides waiting in a tax office. Just print and fill out the "Client Tax Organizer" (a short questionnaire) attached below and drop it off with your tax forms(W2s, 1099s, etc.). If we have any questions we will email or call you. When the return is ready we will call you to come in, sign and pick up your return. Everything will be e-filed once you sign. It is that easy!

Step 1: Print and fill out your tax organizer

Step 2: Drop off your tax organizer with all of your tax forms(W2s, 1099s, etc.)

Step 3: We will call you when your return is ready! Just sign and pick up your return.

Important: If married filing joint, BOTH taxpayer and spouse MUST sign the return

Once your return is signed, we will e-file your tax return.

Client Tax Organizer with Engagement Letter

Rental Property Worksheet (only if required)

Self Employment Worksheet (only if required)